How to Become A Community Support Responder

  • Click on “I can offer support” on the Home Page to apply to become an AMAC Community Support Responder

  • After you submit your form, your info will be sent to our Admin Community Members to be vouched

  • Once Admins approve an application, your info will be entered into the AMAC database of Community Support Responders, and you will receive a text message confirming your add

  • This database is only accessible by vouched AMAC admins. See Security & Privacy for more info

  • When a Needs Request is made that matches with the types of services/support you have offered, you will receive a text message with details about the Request, and the option to accept responsibility for responding to the request via the link provided in the text message

  • Once you click the link to accept, AMAC will sign you up for that task, and you will receive a follow-up text message with the Requester's contact information to get in touch

  • Connect!

    Click here to sign up in our Community Responder database