What is AMAC?

Asheville Mutual Aid Connection (AMAC) puts folks seeking support or services and Community Responders in direct contact with one another by utilizing our custom-built automated text messaging/email system.

A MAC chapter consists of a database of local Community Responders offering a wide variety of resources. When a Request is made, AMAC searches this database and contacts Responders whose offerings match with the type of Request made. Responders then have the option of accepting the request, and AMAC connects the Requester with the Responder(s) to coordinate the inquiry together.

Because Mutual Aid Connect strives to build long-term sustainable networks of community care, support, and resource redistribution outside of current oppressive state institutions, the success of a MAC chapter depends on the participation of individuals to step up as Community Support Responders and a commitment to anti-capitalist resource sharing and collaboration. At this time, AMAC is not handling the re-allocation of cash.

This project is, in many ways, heading into uncharted waters as a collective experiment in participatory intersectional justice and praxis to create the world we want to see.  Every individual's involvement shapes the future of community-driven mutual aid and radical liberation.

The Process:

  • When a Needs Request is made, all possible Responders for that specific type of support in the AMAC database will receive a text message with details about the request, and the option to respond to the request
  • If you can fulfill the Needs Request, click on the link provided in the text message to accept the task

  • AMAC will text you back with the Requestor’s contact info so you can get in touch with them directly

  • If more than one Responder is needed, AMAC will update all possible Responders until the number of responders needed has been fulfilled, and Responders and Requesters work out the details directly with each other.

  • Once a Needs Request has been fulfilled, the Responder will send a text message to AMAC to let us know the task has been completed

  • AMAC has a built in Safety Network via our Check-In/Check Out system, so we can have each other's backs when we answer a call. Responders have the option of using this system by Checking In when they initally accept a request. Responders notify AMAC of the location and estimated amount of time the call will take. At the end of the call, the Responder will send a follow-up msg to AMAC that they have safely Checked Out.

  • If a Responder Checks In, but doesnt Check Out in the estimated time indicated, AMAC will follow up with the Responder. If there is still no word from the Responder, AMAC sends a message to the Safety Team with an Alert of the Call info, as well as the last known Location and Time given by the unaccounted-for Responder. Using this info, the Safety Team will make moves to find the Responder and take the needed make sure they are okay.