Security & Privacy

AMAC currently uses Airtable to compile our database and track the progress of Request calls. All information we collect is private, and will only be used to connect Requesters with Responders. The database is only accessible by trusted Admins, and all data has some level of encrypted security within 3rd party applications.


For transparency, here are links to the Security TOS for the current 3rd party applications we use to run AMAC:

- Airtable

- Typeform

- Twilio

- Integromat

Our goal for AMAC 2.0 is to move this platform entirely off of 3rd party applications, and with the help of our programmer comrades, run AMAC entirely on our own private, encrypted community servers in the future.

We do not encourage any illegal activity and understand what it means to do what is necessary to survive. We believe in harm reduction and transformative justice. We opt to exhaust every other community resource available to us rather than trust in the help of state-sanctioned institutions or law enforcement, because we acknowledge that the government does not have the well-being of marginalized, BIPOC, queer, trans, non-binary, poor, and houseless communities in mind.