Community Responder Safety Team

What is the Safety Team?

At any point, a MAC Responder can call the Safety Number to be immediately connected with the Active Safety Team member for support.

The Safety Team is the backbone of a MAC chapter, and the reason that people can trust the network to have our backs if things get sketchy.

 Most of the Safety Team’s interactions with Folx will be reminding them to check out after they finish a call. But on the off chance something goes wrong, we'll be there to support, show up, and get people to safety if needed.

The Safety Check Process:

1. When responding to a request, if the Responder feels the need, they can check-in by texting "check in" or "in" to the AMAC Safety Number. They will then be prompted via text to estimate how long they expect to be out with that request.

2. After the amount of time they estimated has elapsed, the Responder will be prompted via text to check-out or extend their time.

3. If Responder doesn’t reply within 10 minutes, the request is Elevated to notify the Safety Team. The request info & Responder info (including emergency contact) is sent to the Active Safety Team member.

4. Upon receipt of the Elevated Request, the Active Safety Team member will try and establish contact with the Responder and the Requester.

5. If all is fine, the Responder’s phone died, Responder forgot to check out, etc, the Active Safety Team member can check them out. If they are unable to establish contact, Active Safety Team member will contact the Responder’s emergency contact if available, and make an "all hands call" alerting all Safety Team Members on & off shift to head towards the meet up spot outlined in the request.

6. First person to get to the spot will report back, updating the rest of the Team, and elevating to local Rapid Response crew if Safety Team is out of their element.

7. Once the situation is resolved, the Safety Team will schedule a debrief within 7 days of the incident and discuss stratigies/tactics for future, go over what we learned and how to do better next time. At this point we'll figure out if we need to ban or put anybody on time-out, begin talking to our local Transformitive Justice crew about a resolution, as well as figure out after-care for folx involved.

Responsibilities of Safety Team Member:

1. When on shift, be available to receive texts, call the Responder, call the Requester, call the emergency contact, call an "all hands”, and be available to coordinate & update the Safety Team.

Note: it is not the de-facto responsibility of the Active Safety Team Member to physically go into a potentially unsafe situation! Rather, it's the Active Safety Team Member's job to manage the situation, make calls, and mobilize back-up if additional support is needed.

If able to respond in person, great! But no worries if that isn't the role for you, we need everybody's skills and abilities! We keep us safe!