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Asheville Mutual Aid Connection is a community database and automated text message/email-based platform that will connect folks seeking resources & support with folks who can offer them.

Please click on the "Offer Support" link below to fill out the form and enter our growing community database of folks engaging in self-determined skill-sharing & resource redistribution.

Please click on the "Seeking Support" link below to be connected with someone in our database who may be able to help you find the resources & services you're seeking.

About Asheville Mutual Aid Connection

Asheville Mutual Aid Connection was started in September 2020 as a seedling of an idea presented to We Keep Us Safe, an informal coalition of vouched local leftist activists & organizers that came together during the height of the uprisings. -this section included for 'historical context' for summit presentation, may delete for final local rollout]

With the intention of building long-term, sustainable, inter-community networks of support & resource sharing, AMAC strives to address the poverty of both resources & human connection that systemically create obstacles for us to organize together in our full power.

Mutual Aid Connection aims to connect individuals who are seeking free & accessible services/resources with individuals who can offer them, so that our communities can rely less on state and capitalist institutions, and more on direct person-to-person support.

We just finished building the platform, and are curious to seeing how it grows & evolves when we bring it into communities.

By creating alternative networks of care rooted in mutual aid, intersectional anarcho-feminism, abolition, transformative justice, and harm reduction, we dream of a world of autonomous, horizontal abundance where we will be able to do away with the current carceral, settler-colonial, white heteropatriarchal state all together.

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Let's build the worlds that we envision in our radical imaginations.  Hit us up, we'd love to hear from you.

Please support this project by donating to our Venmo @reishi_riseup. Make sure to include AMAC in the notes.

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